Our mission

The Jewish International Camp at lake Balaton is a premier Jewish overnight camp that provides the optimal environment for every camper to grow, and thrive for the rest of their lives. From the moment campers arrive, they are taken in by the positive energy of the camp environment. Free from external distractions and pressures, their days are filled with exploration and discovery of both themselves and the world around them. There are endless opportunities to be found in the dozens of recreational activities that are offered throughout the days for campers to develop new talents. Throughout the ten days, campers foster positive social growth in a safe and nurturing environment while forging life-long Jewish friendships. At our core is the belief that every child is an entire world, and we strive to harness their infinite innate potential through unconditional love, support and personal attention. At camp, the campers become more in tune with their Jewish identity and allow authentic Jewish pride to become the cornerstone of their lives. This camp has been established with the Rebbe’s inspiration and is guided by his revolutionary vision. We strive to give that unconditional love that the Rebbe showed to every Jew to every child who walks into our camp.

Our Founder

The International Jewish Camp at lake Balaton is based of a grand network of summer camps worldwide which was founded a half a century ago by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. It was established with the vision to create a safe, nurturing environment in which children would be enveloped in a positive atmosphere infused with a Jewish spirit.

Our Directors

Levi Greenberg currently works as the co-director and Bar Mitzvah Teacher at Alef Kids. He comes from Anchorage, Alaska in the USA. A music lover and speaker, he enjoys combining art with learning and fun with depth to create a fun and exciting experience. He is excited to bring his passion of educating children to the camp setting. Focusing on how to add light, goodness and morality to the world, imbuing them with a sense of leadership, communal responsibility and pride.

Chaya Greenberg works as co-director of Alef Kids. She comes from Montreal, Canada and has many years of experience teaching and running programs in schools and camps all over the world. Her educational adventures include Canada, USA, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, England and Panama. She is excited to continue bringing her experiences of fun, excitement, creativity, organization and Jewish pride to the CKids camp family, which will constantly keep the children enthralled and excited.

Tzemmy Bassman currently work as co-director of CTeen Hungary. He grew up in Chicago. He moved to Budapest with his wife Sophie two years ago to lead the international Jewish teen organization, CTeen. Tzemmy has such a friendly and optimistic nature that teenagers will love him right away! He is looking forward to inspiring and encouraging the teenagers to deepen their Jewishness and pass it on from generation to generation.

Sophie works as co-director of CTeen Hungary.
Sophie Bassman grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. She moved to Budapest with her husband Tzemmy two years ago to lead the international Jewish teen organization, CTeen. Sophie feels that the future of Jewish life in Budapest is very important and she believes that teenagers should carry this forward! With the help of fun activities, conversations and lots of other things, the Bassmans want to help the continuity of Hungarian Jewish life!

Our Grounds

The International Jewish Camp in the Balaton will be taking place in beautiful grounds at the Lake Balaton. The grounds are open, extensive, and filled with beuatiful nature, and several additional recreational activities for our campers to enjoy all summer long!

The camp at Balatonőszöd has been providing refuge to the Jews escaping Ukraine for more than a year. Our summer campers will have the opportunity to get to know the Ukrainian children living there, and the chance to help those who had to leave their homes and their country behind for their and their family’s safety.

Our on-site lake is perfect for boating and swimming. There are also multiple sports fields scattered throughout the site.

Outdoor classes and activities take place in both the gazebos and larger pavilions located on our scenic grounds.

There are several beautiful buildings on the grounds which will host both the CKids and CTeen campers. Ckids will be located on one side of the grounds with separate sides for boys and girls, and CTeen will be on another side of the grounds with separate sides for boys and girls.

Our Dining

The on-site beautiful kitchen will cater 3 delicious kosher meals each day, including special shabbat dinner and lunch. The campers will also receive delicious and healthy snacks throughout each day!

We strongly believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind! We strive to provide your children a healthy well rounded meal 3 times a day.

Please note, if your child has any food allergies or sensitivities in your admission form! We will work hard to provide the best for them.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of both native english speakers and hungarian speakers. They are extraordinary, competent, and qualified individuals who want to give back and make a difference. Many of our staff have been involved in the Alef Kids and CTeen organizations both as Madrichot and other leadership positions and they have lots of experience in this area. They were specifically selected for their warmth, experience, positive energy, and love for dealing with children. They are trustworthy and responsible. Our low camper-to-staff ratio ensures that each child will have the highest quality supervision along with caring and attentive guidance.